Weekend Getaway to Eureka! – What To Do

Eureka Springs is exploding with tons of things to do. I’ll share with you a few of the fun attractions we visited, as well as a couple scrumptious places we ate.

I’ll start with some of my favorite restaurants, because who doesn’t like salivating over photos of food?!

Casa Colina

This place is a delightful Mexican joint on the hillside leading into downtown historic Eureka Springs. They have lots of outdoor seating. The actual restaurant is in what appears to be an old house, because we walked up two flights of stairs to get to our table, which had a fantastic view of the mountains.

They had a really nice selection of adult beverages, and we enjoyed a strawberry daiquiri and topshelp margarita. We also tried their jalapeno poppers, which were stuffed with chorizo meet! Delish! Hotter-than-George Foreman’s grill-spicy, but delicious nonetheless!

For my meal, I tried the stuffed avocado. It’s essentially an avocado filled with everything good on this earth. (meaning, shrimp, various spices, peppers, onions, etc.) Impressive. Devon tried a lobster crepe, which he said was a-mAH-zing.

Casa Colina Mexican Grill & Cantina on Urbanspoon

Simply Scrumptious Tea Room

I’m one of those very lucky girls who has a husband willing to take her to tea rooms! Real mean drink tea! And my real man took me to the delightful Simply Scrumptious Tea Room for a Friday lunch.

We of course enjoyed the wide selection of hot teas, served in dainty china teacups. And I appreciated the fact that our table had a huge doily underneath the glass tabletop. It really isn’t a tearoom unless you have a doily on your table.

For the meal, Devon tried a turkey sandwich, and I had the Quiche Sampler, which included a bacon and chicken quiche, your choice of soup (I went with tomato), and salad. It was loveliness on a plate.

And of course we couldn’t bypass dessert. After what seemed like a more difficult decision than writing an answer during Final Jeopardy, we went with the Andes’ Mint Cake. The picture really says it all.

Simply Scrumptious also has an adorable gift shop, featuring a cookbook with some of the recipes of delicacies served in the restaurant!

Simply Scrumptious Tea Room on Urbanspoon

Crystal Ballroom – 1886 Crescent Hotel

I briefly mentioned the Crystal Ballroom in my previous post about the historic Crescent Hotel. When you walk into this gorgeous ballroom, you will feel like you’ve been transported back to the 1920s! Wooden floors, a charming pianist tinkling away, crystal chandeliers adorning the ceiling — it’s exquisite! I only wish I had been donning my flapper outfit … and that I owned a flapper outfit!

We went for dinner, but they are also opened for breakfast and lunch. One of my favorite parts about our meal was the bread platter. Instead of just bringing out a plain-ol’ bread basket, the Crystal Ballroom serves an impressive platter, complete with pesto sauce, tomato sauce, cheeses, and meats with which to top your carb concoction!

I had the pecan-encrusted salmon, which was by far the best salmon I’ve ever had in my life! The sweet sauce which affixes the pecans to the fish made the entree taste a bit like a dessert! Parfait! Devon had a steak and said nothing but good things about it.

Also, if you get dessert, be sure to try the coffee! It is now on the list of one of my all-time favorite javas anywhere.

As you would expect for fine dining, the Crystal Ballroom costs a pretty penny, but it has a beautiful ambiance, the service was incredible, and the food was artistically presented and tasted delicious.

Crystal Dining Room on Urbanspoon

Adventures to be had in Eureka!

Call me crazy, but I love caves! And the Eureka Springs area is home to several caves. We visited Cosmic Cavern, which is about 40 minutes away from Eureka Springs in Berryville. The tour lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the various types of formations: stalagmites, stalactites, “soda straws,” “bacon,” and more. (You’ll just have to go on the tour to be able to understand what “cave bacon” is!)

My favorite part of the cave is the two bottomless lakes. The owner and geologists have been able to measure down to 800 feet in one of the lakes, but cannot get measurement tools any deeper than that! Pretty impressive! You can see in my photo a canoe they still use to traverse the lake!

Overall, the cave was a great experience. You will learn a ton of history and feel like a real adventurer by the end of your tour. And you will get a couple cool “cave shots” like ours, which are always fun additions to your photo albums.

Back in Eureka Springs, we of course enjoyed some shopping at the many stores downtown. We visited one fun shop called East by West that is famous for its “working bunnies.” I was impressed to watch a well-trained rascally rabbit pick up money in its mouth, hop along the counter, and deposit it in the cashier’s hand! Apparently there is another store in Eureka Springs with “working bunnies” called Caroline’s Collectibles. It’s definitely worth your time to stop in at one of these stores and see the bunnies in action!

We also enjoyed a couple of spiritual adventures. We love visiting places where we can feel God nearby. One great spiritual setting in the area is St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church. The church is actually just below the Crescent Hotel, so it was quite convenient for us to get to. The church has been there since the early 1900s and is just lovely.

We also enjoyed a visit to the architectural masterpiece that is Thorncrown Chapel. This place will make your jaw drop! Standing 48 feet tall with 425 windows and over 6,000 square feet of glass, the chapel was chosen as 4th as the American Institute of Architecture’s design of the 20th century. It’s also entrenched deep in the woods, giving it a peaceful, hidden feeling.

I’d love to hear about your favorite things to do and favorite places to eat in Eureka Springs, so I can add them to the list next time we visit! Do share!

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