Margaret’s German Restaurant & Deli, a.k.a. a Lunch Date in Berlin, or Close Enough!

ImageWhen I told my friend that I wanted to try something new and unique in Tulsa, her immediate enthusiasm about Margaret’s German Restaurant told me I was in for something amazing. Margaret’s certainly did not disappoint! I visited this lovely little German restaurant for lunch last week and have already scheduled a repeat visit for dinner.

Located in the Farm Shopping Center, Margaret’s has provided Tulsa with authentic bratwurst, schnitzel, and a wide selection of German beers since 1989. Owners Margaret and Andrew brought their high quality, authentic recipes to Tulsa when they arrived from Germany in 1982, and Margaret’s has been going strong ever since.

My first impression of the  restaurant was that it reminded me of the family restaurants I enjoyed eating at growing up in Claremore. Upon opening the door, Margaret called out a quick “Hello!” before going back to work in the kitchen. The interior is neat and homey, with an easy charm that puts diners at ease immediately. Empty bottles and unique jars on wooden shelves serve as rustic, yet welcoming decor. Framed photographs feature picturesque locations throughout Germany.

Before this visit, my understanding of authentic German food began and ended at bratwurst. Thankfully, my lunch date had lived in Germany and was able to explain the glories of German cuisine through Margaret’s menu.

The lunch menu offers a wide variety of meat sandwiches, including the traditional German cuts of bologna, liverwurst, corned beef, and a reuben, all served on Margaret’s rye. My friend suggested we dive into traditional fare and try the schnitzel. For those of you unfamiliar with this gem of German cuisine, schnitzel is a thinly-sliced cut of meat, often pork loin or veal, breaded in a flavor-packed mixture of breadcrumbs and spices and pan-fried. She had me at “meat” and “flavor.”


We shared the weiner schnitzel platter, which included a large portion of pork loin schnitzel and some scrumptious sides. When this gorgeous plate arrived at our table, the aroma was irresistible. The schnitzel is perfectly fried, with a tender, flavorful bite. I made liberal use of the lemon wedge provided and feel it is the perfect complement to the spices in the breading.

For sides, we went with the spaetzle, a traditional, pasta-like dish with a light taste and texture, and Margaret’s famed hot potato salad.  I have to admit, I have never been a big potato salad fan. As an Oklahoman, I have had potato salad offered to me at every picnic, family reunion, and potluck I have attended since birth. As a result, I was slightly apprehensive when I saw the warm slices of russet on my plate. One bite later, and my opinion of potato salad has forever changed. The potato slices are tender, but the gravy-like sauce is fantastic with the perfect blend of sweet and sour. My friend and I enjoyed sopping up every bit of leftover sauce with our buttered rye. Can’t let that kind of goodness go to waste!

My stomach was full and the foodie in me was happy, and then my lunch date suggested we try their strudel and coffee.


Margaret’s apple strudel is more than a simple strudel…it is divine. The apple and raisin filling is beyond flavorful, and the flaky crust, phenomenal. The best part? The strudel is not overly sweet. The entire dish relies on the inherent sweetness of the baked apples and the light dusting of powdered sugar and dollop of fresh whipped cream on the top. The accompanying mug of German coffee with a spoonful of extra cream provides the perfect complement.

Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of Margaret’s now! Beyond the lunch options and posted daily specials, the dinner menu offers additional German specialties including Sauerbraten, a dish of beef in a traditional sweet and sour sauce, and Leberkaese, bologna covered with sauteed onions. Margaret’s also boasts a wide selection of German beers, wines, and a small grocery section with everything from sauerkraut to hazelnut cookies.

Regardless of your tastes or experience with German cuisine, Margaret’s German Restaurant offers enough tasty options to please any palette.

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