Four Reasons I’m a Fan of Tulsa’s Flame Broiler

I don’t normally like spreading the word about chain restaurants, but when it’s a new place in town, I figure it’s at least worth informing people about. So when I heard that the California-based Flame Broiler was opening in the shopping center across the street from Promenade Mall, I gathered a posse from work and headed over there.

There are several things I really like about The Flame Broiler. So without further adieu, in no particular order, here are Four Reasons I’m a Fan of the Flame Broiler:

1. The simplicity. The menu at The Flame Broiler is easy to figure out. If you want a bowl, you just choose what meats and veggies and type of rice you want. Or you can spring for the works and get a Plate, which includes an orange and cabbage salad on the side.

I decided to try a bowl called The Works, simply because it had so much stuff in it — chicken, marinated ribeye steak, broccoli, carrots, cabbage and green onions. I was pretty impressed by the taste of the meat — especially the steak. It reminded me of the steak I’ve had at various Mongolian barbecue joints over the years. And I have nothing bad to say about the rice or veggies. It was all high quality and quite tasty.

2. The price. For $6, I got a bowl filled with plenty of protein and nutrients. I was stuffed by the end of my meal and could not finish all of it. And for a girl, I know how to eat, if that’s telling you anything. I also got an iced tea (they have four choices of iced tea! Yay!), so my total was just a little over $8.

3. The healthiness. I appreciate that The Flame Broiler includes calorie, sodium, fat, and other nutritional information right on the menu! Oh, and speaking of fat, all of their meals have 0 trans fats. Need I remind you that that is very rare at an Asian joint! Which means I can feel good about chowing down!

4. The sauce choices. I love it when you can get the same menu item as your friend but sauce/spice your dish up to taste totally different from your friend’s. The Flame Broiler has several fun sauce machines featuring two main sauces: Magic Sauce, a thick, sweet, almost caramel-like soy sauce, and Hot Sauce, which is probably everything you’re imagining it to be. They also had a few extra sauces that I can’t remember the names of. My coworkers and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to spice/sweeten our dishes. The only downside was that they provide teeny-tiny containers for you to put the sauces is, so you either need to fill about 8 containers full of sauce, or keep walking up to the sauce dispensers to get more sauce. But if plastic sauce containers are the least of my problems during my first experience at a restaurant, then I’m in pretty good shape!

Now, The Flame Broiler isn’t likely to blow your taste buds away or be your favorite restaurant in all of Tulsa, but it’s good, healthy Asian food, for a good price. I recommend that you check it out.

Flame Broiler on Urbanspoon

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