Coffee House on Cherry Street…a Perfect Third Place

photo-1photoThe Coffee House on Cherry Street, known by hipsters as CHOCS, is more than just a place to get coffee. It is one of those rare third places in life. In case you’ve never heard of a third place, allow me to expound. Most of us spend the majority of our time at either home or work (or school), but our third place is our home away from home. The place where the staff knows our name or our “usual.” Your own personal version of the ’80s television show “Cheers.” That is what CHOCS is to so many in Tulsa.

Nestled on 15th st. between Peoria and Utica (a.k.a. Cherry Street), the Coffee House sees quite the mixed bag of patrons. Since it’s located near the University of Tulsa, naturally a number of college students find CHOCS to be a great study spot. But it’s unjust to try to coin CHOCS (notice my oh-so-hipster use of CHOCS) as a study spot or a college hangout. I’ve seen everything from a Widow Support Group to a Bible study to young musicians to local government officials gathered there. So no matter who you are, you’re sure to fit in there.

photo-2Yes, the Coffee House is a wonderful place to get coffee. Their basic brew is bold and robust, and if you know you’re going to be there a while, you can order a “Bottomless” cup of coffee and get as many refills (along with as many trips to the bathroom) as you want. One of my favorite things about ordering a classic cup o’joe at CHOCS is that it’s served in a whimsical mug of some sort. At the top of this post you’ll notice the fun squirrel criminal that graced my latest coffee mug.

CHOCS also features some incredible specialty coffees. During the warmer parts of the year, I get some serious hankerings (yes, hankerings) for the Brrr Latte. Think Frappuccino on steroids, only there are no drugs involved in the making of this beverage, to my knowledge. Last time I asked, the barista told me he put FOUR shots of espresso into my ONE Brrr Latte drink. Now that’s my kind of frozen coffee drink!

photo-3CHOCS also has some fantastic eats. I’m a big fan of their breakfast selections, from the breakfast burrito to waffles with fruit. For lunch, they carry a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and quiches. But my absolute FAVORITE meal to devour at the Coffee House is dessert. Yes, dessert is a meal in my household. Their display window is always consistently packed with tempting sweets, from coconut cream pie to chocolate cheesecake to a variety of cookies and brownies, many of them gluten free. So if you’re thinking for an after-dinner spot to hit up after a nice meal on Cherry Street, the Coffee House is most definitely the perfect place to go. CHOCS also hosts local musicians on many nights of the week, so you might also get some free entertainment with your coffee and dessert, if you’re lucky.

photo-4CHOCS also has some excellent outdoor seating options, so if shooting the breeze and watching drivers on 15th street get frustrated at the 25 mph speed limit is your thing, then check it out.

With free wifi, comfy seating and excellent coffee and food, it’s no wonder so many Tulsans consider the Coffee House On Cherry Street to be their third place.

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