Time for Sushi in Tulsa!

photo-5There’s something special about sushi. Something that makes you feel a little bit hipster, a little bit Californian, and a little bit Japanese all at the same time…all while still being an Okie. Now, few of us are huge fans of consuming raw fish. But when it’s served in such an artistic, creative, and delicious manner that you forget about the fact that it’s raw fish, then you’re on to something good.

Yokozuna is a unique dining experience, and sushi is indeed their specialty. Yokozuna’s original location is 309 E. 2nd st., in the Blue Dome District downtown. Recently, they opened a second location at 91st & Yale. One of my favorite things about Yokozuna is their excellent array of Happy Hour discounts. Happy Hour there is every day from 3-6 p.m., and you will find several deeply discounted sushi and drink items during that time.

photo-6At Yokozuna, you will find a plethora of sushi selections. Typically, I like to try something new and unique, and then also try a classic sushi. The Hot Mess is one of my favorite unique sushi items – chipotle cream cheese, jalapeño and imitation crab, tempura fried and topped with Hot Mess mix of imitation crab and spicy tuna. Rolled in Ichimi pepper with eel sauce and sriracha and served with a fried wonton chip. (It really lives up to its name!)

Another favorite is the Dilly Roll, filled with cream cheese, tempura shrimp and asparagus, topped with salmon, avocado, lemon zest and lemon dill aioli. And of course, their classics like the California Roll, Cucumber Roll, and Avocado Roll are done really well.

Naturally, Yokozuna does more than just sushi. They have a number of filling entrees: everything from Sweet and Sour Chicken and Pad Thai, to intriguing dishes like Porkbelly Tacos.

hkYokozuna’s cocktails are also delightful. My favorite (partly because of the name!) is Hello Kitty, Hello Sumo – Malibu coconut rum, mango juice, and a splash of grenadine on the rocks. The Cherry Blossom is also a unique treat — organic tart cherry juice, vodka, and a splash of Sprite with lemon.

photo-4Alas, I’ll leave you with my fortune cookie from my last visit to Yokozuna Downtown. I spent weeks trying to figure out why my “newfound friend” would be at 91st & Yale…and then I finally figured out, that’s where Yokozuna’s new location is! You’re likely to find a friend in Yokozuna too, if you give it a try.

Yokozuna on Urbanspoon

Yokozuna Yale on Urbanspoon



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