4 New Tulsa Coffee Shops Worth Sipping At

hodges bendBack in the day, the only coffee choices in Tulsa were Starbucks and a sprinkling of local coffee shops. These days, it seems that a new local coffee spot is opening all the time in downtown or midtown, in particular. Here are just a few of the relatively new ones worth checking out, if you haven’t already!:

1. Hodges Bend
Yes, I’ve blogged about this place before. It’s coffee; it’s alcohol — it’s perfect! As soon as you enter this adorable, classy bar/coffee shop in east downtown Tulsa, you will feel as if you’ve been transported back to another era — an age when bartenders wore bow ties and vests, when mornings were made for leisurely sipping Americanos and evenings were made for cocktails with companions.

Hodges Bend is a perfect place to grab your morning brew on the way to work or schedule an a.m. meeting with a colleague. With a delightfully huge espresso machine, Hodges Bend can brew whatever your caffeine-seeking palate is craving. Check out their coffee selection here. Food-wise, they offer a scrumptious selection of pastries and treats.

chimera 22. Chimera
Chimera is another downtown bar/coffee shop in downtown Tulsa, located in the Brady Arts District and also serving a wide menu of yummy-sounding food items. The menu consists of healthy and environmentally conscious items sourced locally, offering breakfast tacos, sandwiches, pastries, soups, salads,  and more.  Half of the menu is vegan/vegetarian friendly, and many items are gluten-free.

I’ve tried Chimera’s mocha, and you can’t go wrong. Last time I was there, their espresso machine was down, but I selected an iced coffee that’s brewed overnight with nutmeg and other spices (sorry, I don’t recall the name!). It was very strong and unique, and definitely gave me a kick for the remainder of my afternoon!

foolishthings3. Foolish Things Coffee Company
Yet another fantastic new downtown coffee spot is Foolish Things, located on 1001 S. Main St. The setup of the shop is unique — picnic-table style, meaning you’re bound to make new friends. One thing I really appreciate about Foolish Things is that the coffee is extremely high quality, yet the baristas are extremely approachable and not snooty!

I love an espresso or macchiato from Foolish Things in the morning, along with their huge breakfasts. Seriously, if you get a quiche or breakfast sandwich, you will be amazed at how huge their servings are PLUS they come with a big cup of fruit. I also love visiting them at lunchtime. Their lunch menu is delectable — I highly recommend the #2 sandwich: sharp cheddar, cranberry cutney, and smoked turkey.

9184. 918 Coffee918coffee
My final installment of new coffee shops worth mentioning is 918 Coffee. The opening of this joint was much needed, as TU students had been over-running Coffee House on Cherry Street for years. Now, students have another spot near the campus to study. 918 Coffee is located on 11th street near Lewis.

918 has an adorable exterior and is a cute addition to historic Route 66. They do the coffee basics well, and also have a fairly large variety of frozen and specialty drinks. They also offer several pastries and desserts. On my last visit, I tried a white chocolate mocha, which was served in a big mug, topped with tons of whipped cream, and drizzed with a yummy white chocolate sauce.

What do you think of Tulsa’s newest coffee shops? Are any of these your favorites, or do you prefer the ones that have been around longer, like Shades of Brown, Coffee House on Cherry Street, and Nordaggio’s?

Chimera on Urbanspoon Foolish Things Coffee Company on Urbanspoon 918 Coffee on Urbanspoon

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One thought on “4 New Tulsa Coffee Shops Worth Sipping At

  1. Looks like my husband and I are moving to Tulsa at the right time! I have love affair with good coffee shops. Thanks for this list. Can’t wait to visit them.

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