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Tulsa’s ONEOK Stadium = Must-Do Summer Stop

It’s late July in Tulsa. Which means not just heat, but sweltering heat. Fry an egg on the sidewalk heat. Melt a stick o’butter on the mailbox heat. Hide inside and pray the A/C never, ever, ever breaks down. You get the point.

But let not the heat sway you from getting outdoors, Tulsans! Especially when that means taking in the great American past time that is baseball in Tulsa’s gorgeous, 2-year-old ONEOK field, home to the Tulsa Drillers!

If you grew up in Tulsa, you may remember making trips to the old Drillers stadium at 15th and Yale. Creaky, old, blue seats, miniature plastic baseball caps filled with ice cream — all wonderful memories from my childhood. While the old Drillers stadium held a certain nostalgic charm, the new ONEOK field is everything a minor league baseball team and its fans could ask for. The field, located in north downtown at 201 N. Elgin Ave., opened in 2010 and features not only fabulous views of the downtown skyline, but a ton of activities for the whole family.

On my most recent visit, I was delighted to see lots of well-behaved furry friends scurrying throughout the stadium with their owners. Wednesday nights are “Bark in the Park” nights, which means you can bring your dog with you as long as he/she has up-to-date vaccination records! Next time we go on a Wednesday, our pooch Bella will definitely be coming along!

The Drillers have some sort of promotion going on during every home game — from luchadore wrestling to fireworks on Fridays. Click on the promotion tab by each game here to figure out what’s happening during upcoming games.

As we walked around the stadium, I was amazed at all of the fun activities to keep kiddos entertained. From a slip’n’slide contraption to a water playground, kids can stay cool and happy. And of course there’s plenty of stuff for the adults, too. Really, most people who attend baseball games are content with just the game, good company, a beer and a hotdog, but if you want something a little fancier, there are plenty of opportunties for group outings which include catering and the works.
The Drillers have home games through the end of August, so don’t miss your chance to get in on the fun this summer!


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