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A Visit to Tulsa’s Dog Parks (From a Dog’s Perspective)

If you have a beloved canine friend, this post is for you. Actually, it’s more for your canine friend. That’s why our 5-year-old Miniature Schnauzer decided to hijack my laptop for a couple hours to guest-write this post (yep, I am insane enough to type something like that). Take it away, Bella!

12joestation_Bella_conclusionHi, I’m Bella! Don’t I have the prettiest beard of any girl you’ve ever seen?! Normally, my beard comes sans-a piece of grass in it, but this picture demonstrates what an awful job my mom does of grooming me before taking pictures of me that will appear all over the Internet. Rude. Anyway, thanks for joining me on this journey as I tell you about Tulsa’s TWO AMAZING DOG PARKS.

First, we’ll start in South Tulsa at Biscuit Acres Dog Park, which is inside the magical land of Hunter Park, on 91st st. between Sheridan and Yale.

Doesn’t it look like doggy paradise? A full 2-acre dog park, separated into “large dog” and “small dog” areas gives me plenty of space to run off leash, sniffing, meeting new canine friends, and convincing new human friends to pet me. It’s a dream come true!

Here are just a few of the very nice humans and other dogs I met during my very first visit to Biscuit Acres. I think my mom would say one of her favorite things about Biscuit Acres is that there’s always plenty of bench space to sit, relax, and socialize with other dog lovers.

Oh, did I mention that the wide open spaces at Biscuit Acres mean lots of opportunities for fun games of catch? Just check out this hunky male specimen below.

5-Hunter_playingHey, don’t get any ideas, buddy, I’ve been spayed. (And I happen to know that he has been neutered, because I’ve read the rules for Tulsa Dog Parks!) By the way, you and your owner might want to read through those rules before visiting either of Tulsa’s Dog Parks, lest you make a canine social faux pas that makes you and your owner the laughingstock of doggy paradise. Word to the wise: Tell your owner to bring a bag to dispose of any messes you might leave behind (Unless, of course, you plan on being a perfect little lady like me and holding it the whole time!)

Once you’ve been running around for a while, you’re going to need a refreshment. And Biscuit Acres has some beautiful water fountains to take care of all of our thirst needs! In case you need any more info on the South Tulsa Dog Paradise, I mean, Dark Park, 6-HunterPark_watergo to

Oh, and if you do visit their web site, you’ll notice that Biscuit Acres theme is “Where Dogs Bring Their People.” Truer words have never been spoken.


Now it’s time for me to tell you about another doggie paradise that is equally as near and dear to my heart — Joe Station Dog Park (2279 Charles Page Blvd.) It’s about one mile West of the BOK Center Downtown, in case you’re unfamiliar with that part of Tulsa. (I know, for a dog, I’m really good with directions! Thank God for Siri.)

Joe Station is set up in a similar fashion as Biscuit Acres; however, at Biscuit Acres, the small dog area has a little less acreage than the large dog area. I appreciate that at 9-joestation_SchnauzersJoe Station, the large and small dog areas appear to be about the same size. Equal rights for all canines, despite our size!!!!:)

On my most recent visit to Joe Station, there were no other small dogs around when I first arrived. So I decided to hang out with the big dogs for a little while and ended up making friends with this cute gal with the fun tail. I’ve been meaning to ask her how she gets her tail to flip like that. Then again, I don’t have much tail to work with…

After a little stint of allowing the big dogs to jump over me like I’m some sort of hurdle, I realized that some other small dogs had arrived in the other area and quickly pranced over to join them. And that’s when I saw HIM.

Yes, it was another Miniature Schnauzer! And not just any Mini Schnauzer, but a handsome, salt and pepper, 18-pound young thang named Jackson. He sure had a good time chasing me, can’t you tell? And I was nice enough to introduce him to my friend with the flippy tail. But don’t worry, I made sure there was a fence between them. I know how this romance thing works.

Well, because my mom acted like she had more important things to do than sitting at the dog park all day, this love fest 8-joestation_largedogshad to come to an end. But that’s OK — I was worn out from all the attention. Jackson was cute and all, but I have a whole host of neighbor dogs to go home to. I had a wonderful time at Joe Station Bark Park, and I’m pretty sure my mom did too. I left with this adorable little smile on my face, and I know you will too when you go enjoy the wide-open spaces and other dogs at the Bark Park!

What do you or your dog love about Tulsa’s dog parks?



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