Weekend Getaways

Re-review: Places to stay in Eureka Springs

eureka6Last year, we had a spooky, bad experience at the 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. After our stay, we mailed in the comment card the hotel management had left in our room. Basically, I shared in the comment card everything I had shared here on the blog: the outrageously hot room, the bat in the room, the noisy room.

A couple months later, I received an email from the hotel management offering us a free, two-night stay at the hotel. At first, I was completely resistant to going back to the spooky hotel, but then I realized they were offering us a stay in the newer, nicer part of the hotel. So I begrudgingly obliged, and I’m happy to say that this past Monday-Wednesday, we enjoyed a lovely, non-dramatic stay at the Crescent.

In fact, we were quite delighted at some of the changes we noticed. The first thing that caught our attention was that the elevator is now working! Hooray! Next, we immediately saw something exciting as soon as we entered our hotel room: A package of cookies and a note from the hotel manager. Those little touches really do make all the difference!

Also, we received a daily “newsletter” under our door the two mornings we were there, informing us of events being held at the hotel the next day. Even though we didn’t have a chance to participate, we were invited to things like a session covering the history of the hotel, and a meet and greet reception.

While the older part of the Crescent still seems…well…old, we did notice a more conscious effort from the housekeeping staff to keep things clean. While last summer, the hotel seemed to smell quite a bit like mildew or old furniture, this time, the hotel just smelled clean. I was thoroughly impressed!

And best of all? There were no encounters with any paranormal activity, much to my husband’s chagrin!


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