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Hiking Broken Arrow-Style

IMG_1283I love a good walk or run, and I recently discovered a fun place to explore nature in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Ray Harral Nature Park, located at 7101 S. Third St., behind Childers Middle School and Spring Creek Elementary, is a 40-acre park with several trails running through it. It also features a Nature Center and great spots to have a picnic, bird-watch, photograph, or write.

The nature park includes six trails ranging from 1/4 mile up to 1 mile (the bottom of this post by the Audubon Society has a map of the trails). Most of the trails are paved in gravel, so it’s probably not the best choice for strollers or wheelchairs. However, it’s a great place for a short run or leisurely walk.

One popular feature of the park is the Suspension Bridge, which is breathtaking to behold in the fall. The park is home to plenty of wildlife. Birds making their homes at Ray Harral include warblers, vireos, and thrush. During my walk, my friend and I happened upon a turtle slowly crossing the path! And just like any good nature walk, we were greeted by several insects; the only ones we really welcomed were the butterflies!

Ray Harral is a great, hidden, quiet place to go for a walk or run with a friend!





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