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Tulsa ♥s you, Admiral Twin!

IMG_1071This weekend marks the unofficial end to summer, and with that comes a tribute from the bottom of my Okie heart to one of my favorite Tulsa summer spots, the Admiral Twin Drive-In Theater.

It’s really no wonder the good people of Tulsa were willing to raise big money to replace the screen after evil people (really, if you’re reading this blog and you had anything to do with act of that vandalism, you are a very, very bad person) burned down the original wooden screens in 2010. The Admiral Twin is an iconic piece of Tulsa history, having opened in 1951 and being one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in the country. And in additional to being a “silver screen,” The Admiral Twin has spent her own time ON the silver screen, having been one of the settings for the film “The Outsiders.”

Not only that, but The Admiral Twin even has a band named after it. How many movies theaters hold that honor?! Without a doubt, The Admiral Twin is one of Tulsa’s greatest icons, and one of the best places to go catch a movie.

Here are my top 3 reasons to love and adore The Admiral Twin: 

1. It’s cheap. That’s right, you can see 2 new movies (it’s called a double feature) for $7/person. The trick is in your timing. Go on a night where you might actually want to watch both movies and don’t mind staying out until 1:00 a.m. (the second movie will run particularly late). And by the way, it’s OK if you switch sides. (Go to the other screen after your first movie is over. There’s a special “secret passageway” on the north side of the screens for seamless switching). But even if you can’t keep your eyes open through two movies, getting to see one evening movie for $7 is not a bad deal these days.

2. It’s a great social activity. Some of my fondest memories with friends, both as a teenager and recently, have been from times at the drive-in. Pack up a few camping chairs and find a good spot for you and your crew. Or, even better, if you have a pick-up, a mattress and a few pillows in the truck bed make for an extremely comfy movie-going experience.

3. It’s fantastic people watching. Few things are more “Okie” than packing up the whole clan for a drive-in movie. People literally bring the whole family, and who can blame them? If the kids are behaving particularly poorly that evening, you can banish them to the car so they can’t disturb others. Or if you don’t particularly care about how your kids behave, you can just allow them to run around like little banshees, which most people at the drive-in movie do anyway (which leads to the great people watching).

And good news! Just because the summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean Admiral Twin is closing for the season. According to their Facebook page, Sept. 2 will be the last night they are open on a weeknight, but they will remain open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights as long as the weather allows.


2 thoughts on “Tulsa ♥s you, Admiral Twin!

  1. One of the worst movies I ever saw was at the Admiral Twin: “Caddyshack 2.” But with a whole crew of us there, and several of us in the back of my pickup, it was still a really fun night. That says something right there!


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