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Hodges Bend: It’s Coffee, It’s Alcohol…It’s Perfect!

photo 1When I think of the perfect place in Tulsa to go for a relaxing drink with friends or the sexy man who is my husband, I think of Hodges Bend. This classy, 1940’s-esque coffee shop/bar will steal your heart with its old-fashioned ambiance (complete with bartenders wearing vests and bow ties) and warm your belly with its creative libations and caffeinated beverages. You will truly feel as though you’re stepping back in time when you enter Hodges Bend, due to the nostalgic decor and also the selection of classic music.

This downtown drink stop is located in the eastern-most corner of downtown Tulsa that is slowly being revived. Hodges Bend, at 823 E 3rd St., prides itself on a unique menu, with cocktails like the Wake Up Call (espresso, rye, triple sec, maple syrup, chocolate bitters), the Tobacco Old Fashioned (rum, tobacco bitters, orange peel), and the Moscow Muller (vodka, Muller thurgau, ginger). I selected the refreshingly strong Prescription Julep, featuring mint, cognac, rye and rum.
This drink is surprising in that it seems to never end. Because it features quite a bit of ice to offset the strength of the cognac and rum, I enjoyed “second drink” (as Pam from The Office dubbed it) for quite a long time.

My husband tried the Malasanna, a blend of red wine, sherry, luxadro and lemon. It was truly unlike any cocktail either of us had ever tasted, combining the
richness of red wine and sherry with the zing of citrus.

Hodges Bend also features a wide variety of wines, beers and ciders.

But Hodges Bend isn’t just a spot for Happy Hour or a late-night drink. It’s a perfect place to grab your morning brew or schedule an a.m. meeting with a colleague. With a delightfully huge espresso machine, Hodges Bend can brew whatever your caffeine-seeking palate is craving. Check out their coffee selection
. Food-wise, they offer a selection of pastries and treats, as well as a cheese plate.

If a single word could sum up an experience at Hodges Bend, it would be “comfort.” Some bars make some people feel uncomfortable, but at Hodges Bend, they’ve managed to blend the serenity of a coffee shop with the class of an old-fashioned bar. It is undoubtedly a much-needed addition to the downtown Tulsa scene.

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