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Fortune Cookie Soap Crafts Bath Products With Flair

photo-7 copy 3In case you haven’t heard, there’s a very sweet store in Bixby, Oklahoma: Fortune Cookie Soap. This boutique soap store is a visual and scent paradise. Literally everything in the shop looks and smells simply amazing.

photo-7photo-7 copy 4Fortune Cookie Soap recently opened its shop, but its business has been booming online for years. If you visit the shop in Bixby, though, you can see staff members making soap any hour of the day. Not only is it fun to watch the staff members craft the bath products, but the products make truly unique gifts. Imagine how impressed your friends will be when they unwrap a delectable-looking Cinnamon Roll Soap. Among the favorite soaps — “In the Loop,” which promises to smell like Fruit Loops cereal.

photo-7 copyphoto-7 copy 6I love the creativity rolled into every soap…even in the naming! Never in a million years would I have dreamed of cleaning myself with something called “Unicorn Farts,” but this brilliant, sparkly purple soap is nothing short of gorgeous (and hilarious!). The Fortune Cookie Soap people really do have a thing for turning breakfast foods into soaps, because again, this donut soap looks like something with which I’d have a hard time heeding the “do not consume” warning.

While you’re at Fortune Cookie Soap, you can also enjoy a hand washing that is nothing short of life-changing. Your hands will feel so soft, and smell amazing! Just do it.

photo-7 copy 2

Oh ya, need I mention one more thing that looks like something I’d like to eat that is actually soap?

photo-7 copy 5

Bath salts that look like ice cream. Yum. I mean, er…how fragrant!

People, do yourself a big favor and head on over to Fortune Cookie Soap at 12128 S. Memorial Dr. in Bixby.

“Food” for thought: If you could turn any food item into a soap, what would it be?



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