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Urban Johnnie: New Spot Worth Trying Next Time You’re in OKC

FullSizeRender (1)Every once in a while, Tulsa Places makes it beyond the Tulsa city limits and to the magical “other big city” in Oklahoma: OKC. On a recent visit to OKC, I visited a new restaurant in Bricktown: Urban Johnnie. If you’ve spent much time in OKC, you’re familiar with the burger chain Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler. Well, Urban Johnnie is a sophisticated spin on the classic burger, offering much more than beef in a bun.

FullSizeRender (4)Urban Johnnie, located at 121 NE 2nd st. in Deep Deuce, is a classy place to have a burger, that’s for sure. If you’re lucky, you’ll be seated upstairs, where you’ll have a great view of the entire restaurant (think airport-style people watching).

On the menu, you’ll find much more than just burgers. Yes, you can order a basic Johnnie burger (which my friend Ashley ordered, left), but you can also order a number of specialty burgers, like the Thunder Burger (beef patty, house made onion dip, hashbrowns), Johnnie the Greek (chicken patty, julienne red peppers and onions, Greek dressing, feta), or Deep South Johnnie (5oz lump crab patty, crab cake style, house made pickle tartar sauce), which I ordered (below), along with sweet potato fries. The Deep South Johnnie was very tasty, and I can honestly saw I was impressed to taste a halfway decent crab patty in Oklahoma.

FullSizeRenderAside from burgers, Urban Johnnie’s has a multitude of other offerings, including tacos, sandwiches, soups and salads, and entrees like pot roast and chicken fried chicken. They also have some great-sounding starters, like “dirty” hummus, crab cakes, and onion dip. For more info, check out their menu.

For dessert, me and Ashley sprung for the Battered Apple Rings (cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce). The Apples Rings were a great choice for a fall dessert — they sort of tasted like an apple fritter covered in ice cream and caramel.

FullSizeRender (3)A couple of words to the wise for visitors to Urban Johnnie:

• You can park in the commercial parking garage just east of the restaurant. Before leaving the restaurant, be sure you pick up a parking garage token from a staff member in order to get free parking!
• If you’re just looking for a basic hamburger, you may want to just go to a plain ol’ Johnnie’s location. But if you’re looking for a unique, gourmet-style burger, Urban Johnnie is the place for you!
• With a multitude of TVs all over the restaurant, Urban Johnnie is a great place to watch an OKC Thunder game or OU or OSU football!

Urban Johnnie on Urbanspoon


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