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Tulsa’s Ludger’s ~ Much More than Just Cake!

IMG_2302Ludger’s… a name that is synonymous in Tulsa with delicious cake. After a short visit to Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery and Coffee House, I quickly discovered that Ludger’s is excellent at making Tulsans happy in both big ways…and little ways.

Allow me to explain…
One of the first things I heard upon entering the bakery and coffee house was an extremely excited gasp from a little girl turning 10. She was overwhelmed with sheer exuberance because she opened her cake box to see the cake to the right. In case you’ve been living in a hole in the ground for the past year, allow frozen cakeme to explain that a “Frozen” castle birthday cake is pretty much every girl’s birthday dream come true. That little girl will remember her 10th birthday cake for the rest of her life, thanks to Ludger’s.

Of course, Ludger’s is most famous for their beautiful and scrumptious wedding cakes. There have been times when I’ve been thinking of sneaking out of a wedding early, but when I hear that Ludger’s cake is being served, I stick around just so I can get a slice of that Bavarian Cream Cheesecake deliciousness (I know, I’m an awful human being)! Wedding cakes are a big part of Ludger’s history. The cakery in its current form is an evolution that began from a single dessert creation by Ludger Schulz in 1980.  Ludger created the Bavarian Cream Cheesecake that is reminiscent of a dessert from his childhood in Germany.  Eventually the popularity of the cake led to requests for birthday and wedding cakes.

IMG_2300In 2010, Chris and Allison Dickens purchased the bakery from the founders (and Allison’s parents) Ludger and Alecia Schulz.  As second generation owners, the Dickens are dedicated to preserving the reputation for quality and excellence that the Ludger’s name has established in Tulsa. In May 2013, the Dickens opened the adorable Ludger’s storefront at 89th & Yale, which I visited. The business also has a successful catering branch.

While you may not have something as exciting as a wedding cake or 10th birthday cake order from Ludger’s in the near future, you can still take part in their delicious baked goods and drinks, and appreciate the little ways that Ludger’s makes life more enjoyable. When you visit Ludger’s, you will undoubtedly want to try a slice of the Bavarian Cream Cheesecake (pictured above with raspberry sauce). I also tried a Heavenly Brownie — a fudgy brownie topped with a melted Reese’s cup, topped with a chocolate chip cookie. Talk about a chocolate lover’s fantasy!

Aside from sweets, Ludger’s also offers some mouth-watering savory options, like quiche and breakfast sandwiches served iadmin-ajaxn a gouda swirl croissant (I am definitely going back for that!). For my fellow coffee lovers, they offer a full coffee menu, featuring hot, iced, and blended frozen drinks. I sampled the Gorilla Hug: a blended frozen drink with chocolate and bananas, topped with whipped cream and Reese’s cup bits. Talk about rich, but absolutely scrumptious!

Naturally, since it’s fall, I had to try a Salted Caramel Latte. I personally thought it was far better than Starbucks’ version!

Other menu items that sound tempting include Cream Puffs (stuffed with the same filling that’s in the Bavarian
Cream Cheesecake), Chocolate-Covered Vanilla Cheesecake, and Cherry or Chocolate Turnovers.

admin-ajax (1)The other little ways that Ludger’s makes life more enjoyable are things like curbside and online ordering, making life a little less hectic for the coffee or sweets lover inside all of us. Allison Dickens also shared with me that they offer a different fruit-enfused water each day of the week. I was able to enjoy an apple-enfused H20 during my visit.

So the next time you’re craving something sweet, or need a little caffeinated pick-me-up, swing by Ludger’s! They know how to help make your day… in both the big ways and little ways.

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