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Broken Arrow’s Warren Theatre Continues to Wow Moviegoers

8/10/15 8:44:56 PM -- Exterior photos of the Warren Theatre in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Photo by Shane Bevel
Photos by Shane Bevel

There is no shortage of options when it comes to movie theaters in the Tulsa area. But Tulsa’s newest cinema, the grand Warren Theatre in Broken Arrow at 1700 Aspen Creek Drive, truly has it all. This is no normal movie-going experience. When you visit the Warren, you have a choice of five different movie-going experiences!

When I visited Warren Theatre for the first time earlier this week, I was truly blown away. Sure, I’ve been to movie theaters with reclining seats before. I’ve even been to Alamo Drafthouse theaters in Texas, where you can have food delivered to your seat while you’re watching the movie. But I’ve never experienced these things combined, and with even more amenities!

_DSC3054My husband and I chose The Director’s Suite, which is upstairs in the 21+ adult area. This quaint screening room with 20 or so seats definitely makes you feel like a VIP! A host guided us to our seats and showed us how to work the recliner on the seats, the seat warmer, and the flashlight. I for one had never been escorted by a host when going to the movies. I felt liked I was flying first class or something!

Once you arrive at your seat and adjust the seat to your liking, it’s time to order food! I was very impressed by the number of choices available on the menu — everything from burgers, sandwiches, steaks, and chimichangas! My husband tried the Warren “Grand” Burger —  a burger served between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Can I just say, how has no one (to my knowledge, at least!) come up with this concept before? Combining a burger with two grilled cheeses = pure genius! He also enjoyed a side of fries and had more than enough food.

_DSC6208I tried the Chicken Chimi, which is only available in the upstairs theaters (there are a few menu items — this, steaks, etc. that are not available in the downstairs diner). They were like a combo of taquitos and a chimichanga, crisped to perfection and smothered in cheese and tomatoes. So good! They were also served with a side of deliciously cheesy Mexican rice. Because I just had to try dessert (even though I didn’t need it), I ordered the Brownie Delight — a warm brownie covered in vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream. YUM! (Sorry I don’t have pictures of the food … it was a little dark in the theater — understandably!).

The entire viewing experience at The Warren was nothing short of luxurious. With my seat warming my tush and my legs reclined, I felt like a queen. It was by far the most comfortable, enjoyable movie-going experience ever! As we were leaving, my only regret was that I couldn’t transport the theater to our house!

Details about the other four movie-going experiences at The Warren Broken Arrow are available at their website. It’s important to know that you can only order food from your seat in the upstairs theaters, which are 21 and over. However, food is available downstairs at the Diner. You can either eat in the Diner or carry it into the theater. And of course, the Warren also has an old-fashioned concession stand. Downstairs, you’ll also find a game room and a cry room (an enclosed room with its own sound system where parents can take crying children and continue to watch the movie — brilliant!). Upstairs, you’ll also find a full service bar.

I will definitely be visiting The Warren again so I can try some of the other movie-going experiences!


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