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Laser Quest Steps up its Game with Key Quest Escape Rooms

tpWhat could possibly be more fun than being locked in a room for 1 hour with a few of your friends? The craze of escape rooms is sweeping the nation, and Tulsa is home to several of these rooms that require the use of logic, knowledge, communication and teamwork to escape from a room. Key Quest at Laser Quest at 2909 S. Sheridan Rd. features three escape rooms with different mysterious themes to keep you and your friends on your toes.

As you can IMG_3743see from the photo, the Tulsa Places team successfully escaped our room, the Relic Hunter. Our room was filled with art artifacts riddled with clues to help us escape. This particular room has a 50% escape rate, so I was going to be a little disappointed if we didn’t escape! This room is recommended for first timers. Now, of course I can’t tell you how we escaped, but I can tell you it did take us about 50 of the 60 minutes.

The room was a great test of intellect. For those of you who enjoy strategy board games and video games, you’ll love it! While my husband and friends Shawn and Elizabeth worked on a decoder in the center of the room, my friend Kelli and I inspected the paintings draping the walls for clues. In the end, we could honestly say that every person contributed significantly to finding the clues that led to our escape. Of course, our brains felt like they were about to explode by the end of it all!

IMG_3741Other escape rooms at Key Quest are White House Down — where you’re trying to gain a code from the President to prevent a nuclear missile launch — and Interstellar — where you’re outer space explorers and trying to gain access to an escape pod. Those two rooms are both for “advanced” players, so they have a greater difficulty level than Relic Hunter, the room we were in. Key Quest does plan to change the rooms regularly, though, so be sure to check their website for updates.

Anyone 12 and older can participate in Key Quest. Up to six players can play at one time, and a minimum of three players is recommended. Reservations are recommended.

Then it was time for some laser tag!

Now, like I mentioned, we felt like our brains were about to explode after 50 minutes of riddle solving, so we blew off steam with a game of laser tag! I hadn’t played laser tag in about 15 years, and yes, everyone in there was at least a decade younger than me, and yes, I did come in last place (but that was mostly because my husband kept tagging me!), but it was still a blast!

lasertagMisti Teufel, Assistant Manager of Tulsa Laser Quest, shared with me that the Tulsa location has the largest laser tag area of all of Laser Quest’s 58 locations! With plenty of spots to climb and wait for victims, (not that I’m any good at that!), laser tag at Laser Quest is truly an unforgettable experience.

We will definitely be back to check out more of the Key Quest rooms and to play more laser tag!


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