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A bar for the dogs… and I guess people can come, too.

PhotoGrid_1449152809141By: Guest blogger Bonita James

Having recently moved to Tulsa, I fell in love how Tulsa is so dog-­friendly. I happily take Augie, my tiny Boston Terrier, with me everywhere. Here’s a little insight to one of our favorite spots, Empire Bar.

Soccer. Bostons. Beer.

That’s what I think of when I think of Tulsa’s own Empire Bar. This Irish and UK inspired pub is located in the historic Cherry Street district at Peoria and 15th.

20151201_175912For me, the order of my list should start with Bostons. Augie is always greeted with love and attention from the friendly bartender and patrons. Although myself and the owner Kyla are partial to Bostons, all friendly dogs are welcome at Empire.

I knew we found our home pub when I saw the giant, hand­-painted portrait of a black­faced pug wearing a crown and holding the status of a king, overseeing the bar. This watchful guy is a tribute to Henry. Rescued from a puppy mill, Henry was adopted by a friend of Kyla’s and would spend his days at Empire while his owner was at work. After he passed in 2011, Kyla found herself in front of a blank canvas ­ somewhere she hadn’t been for years. This painting of King Henry became the first of many.It’s amazing the impact our fur friends have on us, isn’t it?

king henry

Empire is the place for Tulsa Soccer Clubs and caters to them by opening early for matches.

20151201_183043Soccer fans flock to Empire to cheer on their teams and fill their plates with Bangers and Mash.

Not to mention throwing back a few libations as the game goes on.

Empire has the atmosphere of a pub and the good vibes carry out to the multi­-deck patio.

This is where I have to pay tribute to the wonderful Wendy Hunter. In setting out to write this blog, Wendy and I took our babies, Tico and Augie, to sit out on the patio. It was our first “Augie and Tico Take on Tulsa” adventure since I moved to Tulsa from Oklahoma City.

Unfortunately, it was my final outing with Wendy Woo. Cancer is a bitch. I had to finish what we started. So here we are.


There are some simple rules to bringing your pooch to the pub. Follow accordingly and this will be a dog­-friendly bar Empire Rulesindefinitely.

Aside from bringing Augie and Tico to the bar, there are a few other reasons I love Empire.

1. Hamms. I freaking love Hamms beer and Empire has it. PBR who? Hamms is it for me.

They have a full bar too and specials run regularly. Whatever your poison, Empire has it.

2. Giving back. Empire and the local soccer clubs regularly hook up with John 3:16 and other local charities. Kyla and her soccer-­loving patrons have giant hearts and work hard to share the love.

20151201_1734023. Puppy love. Kyla and Empire fans volunteer, foster, and support these “pawsome” non-profits: Unchain Oklahoma, the Pet Adoption League, and Homeward Bound Pug Rescue.

So, if you’re looking to hang out with your friends and your dog or catch a soccer game on giant screens with die­hard fans, Empire Bar is the spot.

If you see Augie and Tico with me, please say Hi. We’re a friendly bunch.



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