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Kirin Brings More Good Asian, Sushi to Tulsa

IMG_4168Truly, you can never get enough good sushi. Unless you’re pregnant (wawa, cue sad music because I’m currently extremely limited on the types of sushi I can eat since I have a IMG_4169bun in my oven). Nonetheless, one of Tulsa’s newest Asian restaurants, Kirin at 8041 S. Mingo Road, features plenty of sushi options, as well as a diverse variety of Asian dishes from several different countries.

I was immediately impressed when I walked into Kirin. The place is classy, super clean, and has a relaxing vibe to it. At the front of the restaurant, you’ll notice the sushi bar, where you can of course see your sushi being created before your eyes. The sushi bar features so many different types of fish — crab, eel, mackarel, yellowtail, tamago, octopus, squid, snow crab — just to name a few! If you’re a smarty pants, you can choose Sushi Bar Entrees, which include anywhere from 8-15 pieces of sushi (chef’s choice) and are served with miso soup.IMG_4167

On my recent visit to Kirin, shortly after their 1-year anniversary (yay!), I was able to try several different dishes. I was actually
able to have one sushi roll since it didn’t contain raw fish — the Shrimp Tempura (tempura shrimp, cucumber, and avocado). It was very tasty!

I also tried several appetizers. My favorite was the Cream Cheese Wantons. Also tasty were the Shrimp Spring Roll Vietnamese-style and Egg Rolls. I noticed they also have Dumplings (steamed or fried pork and vegetable dumplings), so I’ll definitely be back to try those!

The menu is full of non-sushi appetizers as well. Kirin has dishes from all over Asia. You can get everything from Korean Bulgogi to Singapore Rice Noodles to classic Chinese dishes like Pad Thai, Mongolian Beef, and Sesame Chicken. They also offer a number of vegetarian dishes, like Eggplant in Garlic Sauce, Tofu Delight, Mapo Tofu. They even have a couple of vegetarian sushi rolls — the Vegan (avocado, IMG_4166cucumber, asparagus, carrot, and yellow radish) and the Futomaki (egg, avocado, gampyo, yamagobo, yellow raddish, and cucumber). Personally, I was most tempted by a non-vegetarian sushi roll called Pig in a Blanket — bacon, spicy crab salad, and avacado.

You may be wondering what the heck “Kirin” means. According to Chinese legend, a Kirin is a mythical creature similar to a unicorn. The Kirin likes to help good people, especially those who do good deeds. The Kirin protects and blesses those who host its statue and can boost the host’s career, solve dangers, fend off demons, and bring prosperity. Therefore, I think hanging around Kirin can do nothing but bring even more good to the good people of Tulsa!

The Kirin.
The Kirin.

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