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Thai Village – Best Sesame Chicken In The Country!

PeterGoodBy Peter Biadasz

For nearly a year I have enjoyed the food at Thai Village Thai Restaurant on the southwest corner of 81st & Lewis. When I am on the road I always seek out the best Sesame Chicken I can find, but I have yet to find a Sesame Chicken dish as delicious as the one served at Thai Village. The chicken is always tender, the broccoli always extremely fresh, the sauce rich and full of flavor.

Tom Ka Coconut Milk Soup - Thai Village
Tom Ka Coconut Milk Soup

Thai Village serves a wide variety of exceptional Thai cuisine. Among the appetizers are a tasty Spring Roll and a full flavored Tom Ka — a coconut milk based soup with a very wide and unexpected flavor profile. If you want to try something different, yet traditional, you will not be disappointed with this soup.

Delicious entrees include: Pad Thai Chicken, their #1 seller (best Pad Thai I have ever had); Orange Chicken, a tasty alternative to sesame chicken; Chicken Pad Pak Raum, an excellent meat and vegetable dish, and Kow Pad, pork fried rice. If you are a fried rice fan, you will love this dish. All of these dishes have an amazing amount of flavor and are quite satisfying.

Chicken Pad Thai - Thai Village
Chicken Pad Thai

For 7 years Thai Village had been serving authentic Thai food in a warm, family-oriented atmosphere. I have had lunch there several times and have noted the many regulars the staff knows by name. The restaurant is designed to showcase several TVs to showcase key sports or news events. According to owner, Paul Her, a

Orange Chicken
Orange Chicken

remodel will occur later this year to better accommodate their growing customer base.

Thai Village offers several lunch specials in the $6.99 – $8.99 range. The service is always quick. They also serve dinner and have a very healthy take out side to the business. According to Paul, 10% of their lunch business and 60% of their dinner business is eaten outside of the restaurant. If you are at work and want to pick up dinner on the way home, you can call Thai Village at 918-528-3311 or utilize the Order On The Way app to ensure a tasty dinner.

Pork Fried Rice
Pork Fried Rice

A must try are the Thai Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Tea. They are cold, refreshing, and sweet. Both are amazing beverages.

For the health conscious, all meals can be ordered as vegan, the vegetables are fresh daily, no oil is used on the meats (which are very lean), and oil is utilized lightly in the fried rice and noodles.

Regarding authentic Thai spices and heat: you can order your dish on a heat scale of 1 – 5. Caution – A normal 3 is a Thai 1. Thus, a normal 3 is a Thai 5. Thai village also has 3 off menu hotter spice offerings – Thai Hot, Extreme Hot and “Way Off The Menu Hot”.

Paul mentioned later this year Thai Village will offer a Wing Challenge (their wings are currently an off menu item – Curry, Asian or Sesame). While challenge details are still being finalized, it will

Chicken Pad Pak Raum
Chicken Pad Pak Raum

involve eating a certain amount of wings coated in “Way Off The Menu Hot” in a certain amount of time. All winners will get their wings for free, a T-shirt, and their picture memorialized on a Wall Of Fame. The unsuccessful will have to pay for their meal and have their picture placed on a Wall Of Shame.

Stay tuned..…. But in the mean time, enjoy the food at Thai Village and check them out on Facebook.


Peter Biadasz, President of Total Publishing And Media, has authored/co-authored 16 books including “Write Your First Book”, now in its 2nd edition. He is also a very active public speaker, writer of hundreds of article, and even a few short stories. His areas of expertise include Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, as well as a degree in Psychology, aiding him to build bridges between the often diverse worlds of social and natural sciences. Besides writing, Peter loves to eat a wide variety of food. Enjoy Peter’s Video Shorts on YouTube and Facebook. Feel free to contact Peter at


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