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Cajun Ed’s Brings Louisiana Love to Oklahoma


CrawfishPhotoGrid_1449152809141By: Bonita James

Cajun Ed’s Hebert’s Specialty Meats invited everyone to celebrate crawfish season at the Crawfish Fest 2016! We were happy to join hundreds of others and get our grub on!

The fest was packed! Tents in the parking lot covered rows of tables leading up to the stage. The Jambalaya Jazz Band kept the tempo going with Dixieland and New Orleans Jazz. People of all kinds, rocking Mardi Gras beads and representing Louisiana State University, were lined up everywhere to get what we were all there for, cajun food!

Ashley and I stayed hungry before going to the fest. We had our menu picked out and got in our respective lines. Ash loaded up with a basket of boiled crawfish, corn and potatoes. As I am not a Mud Bugsfan of cracking shells or my food looking at me, I lined up for the crawfish etouffee over rice and corn maque choux,­­ a medley of corn, peppers and spices.

We met up in line for shrimp kabobs and were on our way to messy hands and mouths on fire!

With all of the people and the live music, the festival feel was in full effect. Everyone cracking and slurping crawfish, drinking “America’s” beer, and having a good time. As packed as it was, I thought the festival ran pretty smoothly. The rules were simple. Buy your tickets, get in line to get your food, pay with your tickets. The layout forced you to talk to others to make sure you were in the right line. Nothing wrong with that. Conversations about food and NOLA were breaking out all over the place.

I was surprised to learn this was Ash’s first crawfish boil. She dove into those suckers like she knew what she was doing. When we were in New Orleans back in November, she handled oysters like a boss. I assumed crawfish were an old favorite for her too. Peppered with Crystal’s hot pepper sauce, she worked her way to tiny bites of meat and slurped out the “good stuff.”

FoodAs much as I love food and the culture that surrounds food, I could never do this. It’s just not my style. I put hot sauce and Slap Ya Mamma! Seasoning all over everything. With clean hands and a fork, I worked my way into delicious etouffee. “Etouffee” means cooked in butter. I knew it was bad, but oh, it was so goooood! I didn’t have to work to enjoy plump bites of crawfish smothered in a creamy, spiced roux. With just a hint of heat and crunchy char from the grill, the shrimp skewers didn’t disappoint.

With enough tickets to spare to try one more thing, we bought one chicken wing, boneless and stuffed with Hebert’s fresh jalapeno chicken sausage. Hebert’s Specialty Meats is famous for their turducken, so I wasn’t surprised to see chicken stuffed with chicken on the menu. We were too stuffed to eat it then, so we took it home for later. Heated it up in the oven for a late­ night snack to go with our Zapp’s potato chips. Amazing! Who knew chicken stuffed with more chicken could be so good? The outside was crispy and the inside was a flavor bomb of spicy goodness!

beignets (1)

Back to the fest. You can’t got to a crawfish boil with horns blazing and crawfish cracking without finishing it off with tasty beignets. Like two ledges covered in snow, the beignets were works of art sitting on a styrofoam plate. These perfect mounds of fried bliss had the crispiness dreams are made of, and the powdered sugar turned into a creamy glaze as soon as it hit the tastebuds.

We knew we were going to load up on what initially brought us to Cajun Ed’s after our trip to Louisiana ­­hot sauce! We were on a mission to find a bottle of Louisiana Jalapeno hot sauce. We had picked it up in a variety pack in the French Market and were in love. Sadly, Louisiana Jalapeno hot sauce is the unicorn of the hot sauce world. It’s impossible to find! We did find a new favorite at Cajun Ed’s, Louisiana Wing Sauce Jalapeno Lime. Amazing marinade before throwing chicken on the grill. Just saying. That first trip to Cajun Ed’s was to just “see what they have.” It smelled so good, we took a seat and had dinner.

It was then we became fans of Cajun Ed’s Hebert’s Specialty Meats. From the oysters, toDinner the jalapenos stuffed with chicken, to, of course, the etouffee, everything satisfied our need for cajun food. The chicken jalapeno sausage that stuffed our wing at the fest, we picked up a package of the sausage itself that day. Woo! There is nothing like grilling sausages which were ground and packed from the place you bought them. Spicy, fresh, and delicious!

Cajun Eds Meats (1)

You can pick up all kinds of meats at Cajun Ed’s — everything you need to throw your own crawfish boil or NOLA party. From 30 pound bags of crawfish to the freshest cuts of meat, you can get it at Cajun Ed’s. Get your fix of Cafe du Monde beignets and chicory coffee along with every other Louisiana favorite. If you don’t want to throw it all together yourself, either dine in or pick it up to heat and eat. Cajun Ed’s Hebert’s Specialty Meats is a Louisiana gem right here in Tulsa. You can see everything they have to offer on their website, but I highly suggest you visit Cajun Ed’s in person at 2101 E 71st St. You’ll be taking a step into cajun country and likely bringing some of it home with you.


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