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Bramble: Where Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

IMG_4413I love breakfast food. Being nearly six months pregnant, I crave breakfast food all the time now. Biscuits and gravy. Pancakes. French toast. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. (Can you tell there’s a little man growing inside of me, with all these bacon cravings?!)

I’ve been to The Bramble Breakfast and Bar twice now, and it has quickly become my favorite breakfast spot. The Bramble Breakfast & Bar is a short order, farm to table concept. Some of the local farms and businesses that Bramble gets its items from include Living Kitchen Farm & Dairy, Middle Mountain Dairy, Fair Fellow Coffee, JB Pratt, and Golden Rules Meats. You can taste the freshness in the food, folks. It’s remarkable.

Bramble, whose sister restaurant is Tallgrass Prairie Table, is located downtown at 311 East 2nd Street in the Blue Dome District. One of the great things about Bramble is that you can order breakfast both at breakfast time and lunch time. They do have lunch items on the menu like a IMG_4411Smash Burger and Openfaced Ham Melt, but I’ve only tried the breakfast items there. So that’s what I’ll be sharing about!

On my first visit to Bramble, I tried the French Toast, which is honestly the best French Toast I’ve ever had in my life. They must include sour cream in the dipping mix, because it’s extra smooth and creamy. It’s served with eggs and bacon. Bacon. Folks, this is some thick-cut, dadgum good bacon. You will be impressed.

On my most recent visit to Bramble, I had the Biscuits and Gravy — housemade sausage gravy IMG_4412served on griddle biscuits, and of course, I also had to order a side of that bacon. Folks, this meal did not disappoint. We Oklahomans know how to do Biscuits and Gravy, and Bramble is truly Oklahoman. The gravy was super smooth and had just the right amount of pepper and flavor. The biscuits were oh-so-perfect and I could have sworn I detected a hint of cheddar. And again, the bacon. It satisfied yet again.

My friend tried the Double Cheddar Omelette (below). With any of the egg dishes, you get a choice of toast, duck fat home fries, or hash brown latke. She opted for the hash brown latke, which is sort of like a potato pancake and served with a scoop of apple sauce. I tried her latke, and it was delicious. She raved about how fresh-tasting the omelette was.

IMG_4410Bramble also has a full Drink Menu, which I’ll have to investigate after the baby comes. The Sunny Side sounds especially delicious — bacon bourbon, egg, maple, and bauchant. Talk about a breakfast cocktail!

Everything I’ve tried at Bramble has been remarkable, and the atmosphere is equally applaudable. It’s relaxing yet trendy at the same time. The service is good, but the food does take a little time to prepare, since everything is made from scratch.

I highly recommend Bramble for your next breakfast experience!


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