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Tulsa Has a New, Old Library. And It’s Awesome.

img_5112Have you had a chance to visit the newly remodeled Central Library in downtown Tulsa at 400 Civic Center yet? Well, call me a nerd, but it’s now one of my favorite places downtown.

This library went over a major overhaul — three years of renovations totaling $55 million. It’s now a crowning jewel in downtown — a mecca of learning, creative thinking, oh, and coffee.

img_5119Yes, that’s right … coffee. The Central Library is home to downtown Tulsa’s first STARBUCKS! I enjoyed lunch and a Frappuccino with some friends on the Starbucks patio just the other day. I for one think it was a brilliant idea to put a Starbucks inside the library. Hopefully it will draw more people to the wonderful services that our Tulsa City-County Library System offers.

Speaking of those wonderful services… people, having a library card is the best free thing I have! (OK, I know I pay for it in taxes, but it’s totally worth it!). I LOVE our img_5117library system! You can do things on like download free audio books, read digital newspapers and magazines, and learn a language. I’m personally pretty old school, so I prefer books you can hold and audio books you pop into your CD player. So when I need these items, I can go on their website and request that those items by transferred to the library closest to me. The library makes it so easy for us! I love you, Tulsa City-County Library!

img_5114I really enjoyed strolling through the library during my recent visit. As a new mom, I especially loved the children’s area. It has a ton of interactive displays for the kids to play on. And books are organized in a more kid-friendly manner than they were when I was a kid, that’s for sure.

The new study rooms (left) are awesome, too. They’re beautiful rooms with views overlooking downtown. I’m going to have to find something to study just so I can use one of them.

Throughout the library, you’ll find really comfortable, modern-looking furniture. One room of the library is entirely dedicated to Tulsa, with books and other materials on the city’s history. Other impressive features of the library include a 3-D printer, a digital recording lab,  an educator meeting space with a kitchenette, movable furniture and magnetic board, pickup lockers in the lobby for patrons to retrieve items when the facility is closed, and a fantastic parking garage with free parking for up to 2 hours for library patrons (enter off Denverimg_5115; YOU’RE WELCOME!).

I look forward to spending many more lunch breaks exploring our wonderful new, old library.




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