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Take 2 = Eat Lunch Out & Give Back

We all deserve a second chance in life. That’s the theme of Take 2: A Resonance Café — a
great place to eat and support a local nonprofit while you’re at it. Take 2 at 309 S. Main St. provides tasty meals and a positive, educational environment where women recently released from prison can learn valuable skills.

When I visited Take 2 recently, I was surprised to see how bustling it was. On a Friday afternoon, it was filled with plenty of the downtown Tulsa workforce looking for a tasty lunch. The restaurant is resplendent with colorful murals on the walls and bright furniture. It’s not a place where you would expect to find ex-felons.

Everyone who works there is so nice — from Tom Butcher, chef, manager, and former Impressions owner, to the ladies who fix the food and ring up your total. Take 2 is actually very similar to the former Impressions, so if you ever went there, you’ll feel right at home.

I had a half order of the Prime Rib Au Jus, along with a big slice of Banana Pie (it’s half price on Fridays after 1:00!). The sandwich was delectable — tender meat served with hot au jus sauce — perfect for a chilly day. The slice of banana pie was huge and had actual slices of banana in it! In the future, I’ll share it with someone instead of inhaling it all on my own.

I was delighted that Debbie Gordon, Development Director for Resonance, was able to join me for lunch and share more of the Take 2 story with me. Debbie chose the Stew for her lunch and said it’s one of her favorite menu items.

Debbie told me that the sandwiches are a big hit at Take 2, and it’s clear to see why. The meat is fresh-sliced, and options abound: Prime Rib or Sirloin Au Jus, Roast Beef or Turkey Club, Corned Beef, and Pastrami, to name a few. Tom brought his favorite sandwich from Impressions to Take 2, also: the Stacked Deck (roast beef, ham, turkey pastrami, salami, swiss, cheddar). Cold sandwiches include Chicken Salad, tuna, and avocado.

Other items available to order include soups, prepared Chefs Salads and Caesar Salads, and baked potatoes. They also have a number of mouth-watering sides: tabouli, potato salad, shrimp macaroni, cottage cheese, and cole slaw. They also have a fully-stocked salad bar.

As patrons of the restaurant, you aren’t just purchasing food, you are purchasing a better future for someone’s mom, wife, daughter, sister or granddaughter. I had a chance to hear more about the program as I ate with Debbie. The women who are employed at Take 2 have already gone through one of the Resonance programs at Eddie Warrior or Turley Correctional Centers. It can be very difficult for a person coming out of prison to find employment, so Take 2 is a perfect opportunity for these women to prove themselves and find gainful employment.

“If a woman coming out of prison can get a job and a place to stay within 30 days, she can survive,” Debbie told me.

Debbie also showed me the loft above the restaurant where the women who work at the restaurant are able to live. It’s a perfect pair — easy access to work. Pretty amazing that Resonance has come up with an automatic job + housing environment for some of its graduates.

Most of Take 2’s traffic is walk-in customers who work in nearby downtown buildings. It really is the perfect spot for lunch if you work anywhere near central downtown Tulsa.

Take 2 is open 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. They also do catering orders (boxed lunches and sandwich trays) as well as takeout orders. The number to call for catering/takeout orders is 918-861-4555.


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