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The Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile: My Top 10

I have so enjoyed visiting the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile in Pawhuska, Oklahoma twice and wanted to share some of my favorite things about it! It’s just a short 1-hour drive from Tulsa to The Merc, so grab some friends and hop in the car for a fun, short road trip!

1. Breakfast. OMG. The Pioneer Woman’s breakfast is OFF THE CHAIN! First off, if you want to avoid the lines, get there early, and you most likely will. My friend Kelly and I arrived there around 8:30 a.m. on a Friday and only had to wait for a table for 5 minutes! This here delicious dish is the Pancake Breakfast with Edna Mae’s Pancakes. It’s served with a sampler of three types of syrups: Aged Vanilla and Cinnamon (my favorite), Orange Zest and Clove, and Sea Salt Caramel. It also has some of the world’s most delicious sausage, bacon, and eggs.

2. The General Store. OK, imagine a Cracker Barrel store, only way cuter! The Merc’s store is full of fun finds for your kitchen, closet, and kids! It’s so fun to browse… and buy too, of course!

My personal favorite items there are the Presidential Finger Puppets. I mean, who doesn’t want to teach their kids about the U.S. Presidents by propping them on their fingers and telling them who Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and George Washington were? Fun!

3. The Bakery. You know that if a place involves the words “Pioneer Woman” and “Bakery,” it’s going to be pretty epic. Cinnamon rolls. Sticky buns. Cookies. Pastries. Your mouth will water upon catching just a glimpse of these baked goods.

I took home a few cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, and fruit pastries after my visits to The Merc, and the recipients of them told me they would love me forever. OK, the recipients were my husband and mom, so they have to love me anyway, but still, this gesture didn’t hurt the love vibes one bit.

I mean, just LOOK at that icing on those cinnamon rolls! Well played, Ree Drummond. Well played.

4. Lunch (or dinner)! OK, I mentioned how amazing The Deli’s breakfast is, but the lunch/dinner menu is pretty spectacular, too! Granted, (at least from my experience), they are more crowded for lunch. I arrived at 10:30 and waited 1 hour. And if you come for dinner, be sure to come early, since they close at 7 p.m. on Mondays-Thursdays and 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. The Mercantile is NOT opened on Sundays.

My mom and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Merc. She had the Fried Chicken Sandwich and said it was even better than a Chick-fil-A sandwich, which is really saying a lot! I had the French Onion Soup. Oh my! It was hands-down the best French Onion Soup I’ve ever had (maybe because there’s Oklahoma beer in it?!)! Granted, it’s a little difficult to eat due to the stringy/melty cheese, but that’s what you get when you order French Onion Soup!

Have I mentioned that everything on the menu at The Merc is a recipe straight from Ree Drummond herself? I like to imagine that Ree is actually back in the kitchen preparing everything. While I know that’s not actually happening, everything I’ve tried at The Merc is absolutely delicious, and that’s all that matters!

5. Coffee! Do you like coffee? Keep reading! The Merc has great coffee! That’s partially because their beans are from Topeca Roastery here in Tulsa. You can order a coffee beverage either while you’re dining in The Deli or if you go upstairs to the Bakery. I’ve tried both the Spicy Cowgirl (iced drink infused with chile syrup) and the Cowboy Coffee (sasparilla-infused hot latte). Both were yummy and very unique. I enjoyed sipping on them on my ride home.

6. Friendly People. Both times I’ve been to The Mercantile, I’ve met some truly amazing people. It’s so fun that this little city in Oklahoma is now attracting visitors from all over the world! During my most recent visit, I met a couple from Minnesota while I was waiting in line. The wife told me how much she loves The Pioneer Woman. We parted ways once our table was ready, but when we went to pay for our meals, our waitress informed us that our meals had already been paid from “with love from Minnesota.” Sweet couple from Minnesota, if you’re reading this, Kelly and I think you’re the absolute sweetest and are inspired to “pay it forward,” thanks to you!

7. Quality time in the car with loved ones. If you live in Tulsa, it will take you about 1 hour to get to The Merc. If you live in OKC, it will take you about 2 hours, 15 minutes. Either way, that equals fun time in the car with your friends and family! I got caught up on life with my mom and Kelly during my two visits. Plus, it’s a really pretty drive from Tulsa to Pawhuska on some less-traveled country roads. It was definitely time well spent.

8. Candy galore! There is candy of every kind upstairs in the Bakery area: jelly beans, taffy in every flavor imaginable, old fashioned rock candy, and more! It’s a kid’s dream come true. OK, fine, it’s my dream come true too! Sweet tooth heaven!

9. This floral couch. You guys, this couch is just gorgeous. That’s why Kelly and I had to sit on it and have our picture taken. If I could, I would bring my laptop and work from this couch every day while eating cinnamon rolls and drinking Spicy Cowgirls.

10. The possible chance to meet Ree herself. At least in the early days after The Mercantile first opened, The Pioneer Woman herself was up at The Merc ALL THE TIME. Taking pictures with people. Signing autographs. Potentially even whipping up some of the dishes (in my imagination). You never know who you’re going to run into at The Merc. Last time I was there, I spotted Ree’s father-in-law, looking happy as can be chatting with customers.

If you’ve been to The Merc, what were some of your favorite things about it? If you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for?!



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